Client Convex Insurance | Employee engagement

Convex held the annual employee family festival at St Clere Estate in Kent. Glendale Creative was responsible for developing branding for the event and applying it to pre-event invitations and workplace communications. Convex thoughtfully organised an exciting weekend filled with activities, entertainment, fantastic food and drinks. We created the festival map and designed and installed the signage for the event. We designed and procured sustainably sourced Convex branded gifts and premiums, including apparel designs.

Large format letters with bunting in the foreground
Festival map leaflet unfolded
A folded festival map on a table with a blurred background
Family festival signage with a large branded balloon
Six Convex branded flags
two branded popcorn containers, one has fallen over and popcorn is spilling out
Large branded balloon in the sky
Close up of convex festival badges
Abstract t-shirt design close up
Three t-shirts hanging, two white and one green. All have modern designs
Child wearing a bucket hat with badges pinned on
Festival Signage with a pride pop up flag
Image of a family festival, deck chairs and a Ferris wheel are in the background
Festival image at night with flags in the foreground

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