Client Convex United Event | Industry Employee engagement

Convex hired many employees during the pandemic and organised this two-day event to enable them to meet in person and build connections after a year of digital interaction. It offered a learning opportunity for everyone, regardless of their position within the company. Glendale Creative created all the content and worked to organise the schedules of more than 300 people invited to the two-day event. We installed all materials on-site and collaborated directly with the event planners at the venue.

Installation of the large Convex letters
Installation of an orange door sign
Woman's hand reaching for a Convex United door hanger
Three hanging event lanyards
Team building question cards for Convex United
three question playing cards laying on a table
A branded paddle with a sound sticker on
Convex United red door signage with an icon and the text space
A yellow hanging door sign and a pull up banner in the background
Convex United Illustrated Event map
Staked sign in the grass in front of a canvas tent
Branded Convex flag in front of the event venue
Large scale letters

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